Cardigo Bicycle

The Cardigo Brand Bicycle is currently in development and looking for partners and investors. Dozens of bicycles have been chopped, designed, and redesigned in creating the prototype seen here. This exciting new Cardigo Bicycle allows an upper body workout that does not exist with a traditional bicycle. The beauty of this invention is that a new motion has been added and yet it is still easy and safe to ride. Simply pull the pin on the top tube and you are in Cardigo mode allowing you to push the handle bars forward adding upper body resistance. When you are ready to ride normally, release the pin and you are back in traditional bicycle mode. How unique is it to be able to ride the Cardigo leisurely in traditional mode or strenuously in Cardigo mode? The Cardigo gives you an exciting new way to ride a bike with your upper and lower body giving you a full body workout.

The Prototype Cardigo Bicycle is equipped with the following:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Telescoping tube with internal and external bearings      
  • 26” Wheels
  • V-belt
  • Free-wheeling pulley    
  • 43t chain ring
  • 3 speed internal Shimano hub
  • Standard rear coaster brakes with front hand brake
  • Pop pin for transitioning from one mode to another
  • BMX style handlebars for a comfortable forward push
  • Standard round seat post
  • Cruiser style seat
  • Total weight approximately 44 lbs.