History of the Cardigo

In early 2017 Dan Ogden invented the Cardigo bicycle. He was riding his bike one day when it dawned on him that he could extend the handlebars forward. His wheels started turning! After extensive research, he decided to tackle the task of building a prototype. First, he built a jig to test the telescoping shaft and it worked perfectly. Then it was time to test his theory and see if the handlebars could actually leave their current position and still steer the bicycle safely. On April 10, 2017 he completed the first prototype and it was ready to ride. He tried it out and it did not adversely affect the steering safety of the bike. It was a crude version, but the theory became reality and the Cardigo was born! So, where did the name Cardigo come from? Dan figured when you ride this bike it actually gets your cardio going, and so he named it the Cardigo!
Dan Ogden

The Evolution of the Cardigo Bicycle